Do you have the habit of visiting your favourite cafes over and over again? Because the coffee is so good, the location is so convenient or perhaps you are just so used to the place that you can’t really think of any other mocha joint. I know this happens to me here on Koh Phangan, in Thailand. But now I have at least a few more places that I’m going to add to my favourite cafeterias.

I have been to all of these places but, unfortunately (haha) I wasn’t able to eat every time. Well, to be honest, there are just 2 places on this list of which products I haven’t tried.  Many cafes offer lunch or dinner as well so sometimes the distinction is a bit arbitrary, whether or not a place is a lunch restaurant or cafe.


Haad Yao and Haad Chao Paow

Pura Vida

This is a very popular coffee spot in Haad Yao. They have excellent breakfast/brunch alternatives, (detox) juices, shakes but also sandwiches and more filling options. Service is fast and friendly. Their specialty is acai bowls and acai is meant to have amazing health benefits. The portion costs around 250 baht so it is not something you could afford eating too often, though. At least if you live on the island. I was very happy to notice that they used re-usable straws in their drinks here. Well done! I wish more cafes would follow.


Pura Vida sign

You can find Pura Vida in Haad Yao. Look for the sign!


Pancake with fruits

This pancake was just divine!


Joy of Life

Joy of Life is a small cafe in Haad Chao Paow (or is this already Sri Thanu?), next to the Pim Boutique Organic Shop. They have a broad selection of fruit juices and shakes but also lunch options, such as salads, spaghetti and salty crepes. There are fresh, daily made homemade cakes (for vegans and non-vegans), in case your sweet tooth is aching.

This place caters both for vegetarians and meat eaters. I got some coconut yogurt to take home with me and 400g cost 100 baht. It was tasty! You can take the plastic cup back to the shop for recycling or re-use it at home.


Sri Thanu


Cookies is a Sri Thanu classic. It is situated in the hustle and bustle of Sri Thanu and makes a great place for people watching. They have different cakes and delicacies available and the coffee here is really good. Vegans can choose from different plant-based milks, which nowadays is possible in many cafes around the island.


LEkshop Organic

This is more of a small shop for organic products, I think, but they do have a few tables for sitting down as well. On top of the obvious – coffee that is, they have an extensive tea menu. And because it’s an organic shop, the delicacies are obviously leaning towards the healthier side, such as no white sugar or flour used but, instead, they use natural sweeteners and make raw cakes. You get the idea! Cakes are delicious and you can get a healthy and tasty breakfast here.


Rain or Shine

Rain or shine menu sample

A newcomer in Sri Thanu, on the same stretch with LEkshop and Cookies. In the shop, they sell also beautiful jewelry and clothes. They have lunch dishes, such as vegan raw sushi, salads, vegan gyoza but also Japanese noodle dishes, such as ramen and soba noodles. If you prefer something sweet, there are raw cakes, chia puddings and raw energy balls. Smoothies and super smoothies will cost 80-130 baht. I tried the Golden energy but I didn’t think it was super tasty. It wasn’t bad either, though. Next time I want to try their Japanese dishes definitely.


Karma Cafe

This cozy cafe has amazing raw cakes and desserts. The Snickers raw cake is just divine! They also have tasty meals, such as salads, wraps and spaghetti that are suitable for vegans and raw food freaks. Unfortunately, I have never had the chance to sample them because I always go for the raw cakes. Haha, I’m a sucker when it comes to everything sweet, chocolatey and peanutbuttery. I have mentioned Karma Cafe on another blog post about my favourite cafes on the island. If you want to read it, the link is here.


Cappuccino and a piece of raw "Snickers" cake

Raw “Snickers” cake which is pure bliss!


Over the Moon

A new-comer which has fantastic cakes and delicacies made on the spot. I really enjoyed their vegan black sesame nice cream (vegan ice-cream), 80 baht. Beautiful! I bought some matcha green tea white chocolate cookies to take home with, 180 baht. They were ok.

You can sit downstairs or upstairs. The view to the coconut tree forest is soothing and relaxing. What I didn’t like so much was a pool table downstairs, though. It doesn’s suit to the place, in my opinion. Otherwise, I liked the ambiance. Closed on Tuesdays.


Over the moon


Black sesame nice cream and a blue glass of water

The black sesame nice cream was just beautiful!


Hing Kong

Bake Sense

Bake Sense is run by a jovial Thai guy, Gai. The place is situated right on the mangrove beach and it’s nice looking outside and getting a breeze from the sea. Inside it can get a bit hot, though, especially if you are planning on working with your laptop. Coffee is 100% Thai Arabica beans and Gai roasts it himself. There is also tea, fruit juices and smoothies available.

You’d be able to mix and match yourself a nice breakfast or lunch from the menu which consists of the typical breakfast items, such as toasts, eggs, croissants and fruits. Moreover, there are some specials on the list as well, such as Croque Monsieur, avocado or duck sandwiches. The menu leans more towards salty dishes but there are some sweets cakes, muffins etc available as well.


The jovial owner, Gai smiling behind the counter

The friendly and happy owner, Gai


The delicious avocado sandwich and a cappuccino

The delicious avocado sandwich and a cappuccino


The view to the mangrove bushes

The view to the mangrove bushes


Middle Road, Maduewan

Seed to Feed

Perhaps I would classify this more as a lunch restaurant but, nevertheless, you can grab your coffee or tea here as well. The place is situated at the Middle Road area so it’s not too far from Thong Sala, nor Sri Thanu.

Smoothies here are wonderful, though a bit costly (around 150 baht), Thai food and sandwiches are tasty but this place definitely has the best salads on the island.  They outdo many of the popular salad bars back home, I’d say. Which is no surprise considering the ingredients are grown on the spot. If you are a local, though, the prices might be a bit too high to enjoy a salad or sandwich more than once a week (255-355 baht).


Julien’s Bakery & Cafe

A crispy baguette and a teapot at Julien's

A crispy baguette and some tea at Julien’s

This place has wonderful, on the premises made classic, continental produce, such as croissants, pastries and bread. They have different kinds of breakfast options to choose from and salty dishes, such as pizza. You can also buy their products at selected shops around the island.

The interior is very basic and in that sense, I preferred sitting outside. You can watch people driving and rushing towards Chaloklum. The police station is almost next door so I wouldn’t drive too fast, though. Then again, it’s Koh Phangan. At least wear your helmet, ok?!


Phangan Homemade Ice-cream

This place is more of an ice-cream/lunch joint but I wanted to include it nevertheless. It is wonderful to have an ice-cream factory here that uses local products. They have interesting flavours, such as sweet potato and taro but also classical flavours, such as coconut.

Local Thais like coming to this place and the coffee is a bit cheaper compared to many cafes around the island. Small ice-cream tubs are around 40-50 baht and if you want to have a bigger tub to take away, the prices are around 150-200 baht. Definitely, a place to visit, even though it’s a bit out of the way and hidden from the main road.


This is where you will find the homemade ice-cream


Oh, what to choose!


Thong Sala

Baancake Phangan

Sometimes it’s nice to support the local Thai cafes. In addition, they are usually cheaper compared to many of the farang oned ones. This one is next to the service station, at the road which takes you to Chaloklum. They have reasonably priced coffees, though I have to say that it’s not perhaps as of high quality as many of its counterparts in the more posh cafes. They have delicious waffles, toasts and dessert portions with different toppings. You can also order birthday cakes here that come in various shapes, flavours and sizes, prices starting at 650 baht.


Baancake Phangan sign and cafe outside with green plants around

Baancake Phangan – have you noticed this place before?


K & K Coffee

Another small Thai joint called K & K Coffee is opposite to Doppio, in the indoor marketplace. They don’t have a huge variety of products but its cheaper than the other well-established cafes around the area and it makes a good spot for people watching. Hot coffees start from 45 baht and ice coffees are 60 baht. Also available other drinks, such as Thai tea, lassis and fruit shakes.


A small cafe called K&K Coffee



This place is situated behind the food market or Phantip Plaza as it is also called. The owner lady is from Ukraine and she has a nice variety of delicious cakes that are vegan or glutenfree and, in general, lean on to the healthier side since they don’t use white sugar etc in the cakes.

I had a slice of moist and chocolatey Prage cake which was yum.  The interior is a bit quirky: it has murals from Alice in Wonderland. While I don’t mind these paintings on the wall, I find the big wooden tables and chairs a bit heavy. In my opinion, the place would look so much finer with cute and small tables. Or perhaps I’m just a bit too posh or fussy (which is very likely indeed, may I add).



I love the interiors of this place. It’s just beautiful. A bit like from a Scandinavian interior magazine. Coffee is very good as well and they have salty and sweet stuff to satisfy your appetite. I also mentioned this place on another blog post.


Doppio cafe inside




On the opposite side to Doppio we have Dots which has a very light and airy ambiance. They have traditional cakes and crispy croissants but also treats for vegans, such as overnight oats (which were in my opinion delicious). I wrote more about the place in my another blog post Top 6 cafes in Koh Phangan.


The Sweet Cafe

Half of a croissant! Obviously, I ate the other half already, haha


This is a traditional, German bakery and cafe in Thong Sala, near the port and it’s got delicious products. They have an extensive breakfast menu and you will have trouble trying to decide what you want. Smoothies, juices and pastries are also available and some classic dishes, such as spaghetti. If you are sick of the cheap wheat toast they sell in all of the 7/11:s and other shops in Thailand, you can buy some darker and tastier bread here to take home with.



A’s Famous Diner And Deli

Pancake, green smoothie and a fruit salad

The healthy and not so healthy stuff, haha

I was wondering whether or not to include this in cafes because it’s a diner. Oh well, what the heck! Here it comes!

They’ve got all day breakfast, the traditional ones, as well as some more interesting portions, such as smoked salmon omelet and breakfast burrito. I ate chocolate chip pancakes while my friend opted for considerably healthier options, the fruit salad and Power up which is a healthy shake (95b).

Ice-cream shakes (95b), salads, burgers and sandwiches also available (around 200b and over).  Coffees started from 55b (americano and espresso) to 95b (latte and iced caramel cappuccino).


Thai Ice-cream Cafe Opposite to Phantip Food Market

I don’t know the name, guys! I’m sorry! This tiny place has got quite an extensive ice-cream menu and prices are reasonable.  Small portions were around 40b, bigger ones, such as banana split around 100b. Available also many Thai favourite drinks, such as ice coffee, Thai tea, Italian soda etc.


A cute and small ice-cream cafe



A classic cafe in Thong Sala. The menu is extensive, similar to Sweet Shell and they also have a good variety of cakes, pies and pastries to choose from.  Both sweet and savoury. Some products are suitable for vegans. They also have vegan ice-creams available and various local products to buy home, in addition to the loaves of bread and rolls etc.


The Fat Cat

This one is situated at the Chinese Walking Street. It’s run by a sweet Portuguese couple who love cats very much. This is a lovely spot for breakfast, you can get pancakes and smoothies in addition to the usual brekkie sets. You could also come for lunch and eat something more filling, such as bagels or hamburgers. Homemade ice-cream also available. This place is not super big so it can get busy during the high season.



Satimi is more of an ice-cream bar, nevertheless, you can sip a cup of coffee here and furthermore, they have some cakes available if ice-cream is not your thing. I’d suggest trying their wonderful ice-cream and sorbet flavours, though. They keep changing the selection so you always have a good reason to keep coming back.


Satimi ice-cream cafe with wonderful gelato and sorbet

Satimi ice-cream cafe with wonderful gelato and sorbet


Indy Coffee

A combined cafe/lunch restaurant which has waffles as their specialty. You can even have the waffles with salty breakfast staples, such as beans, eggs and sausages or go for the more traditional, sweeter version.


Daily Sweet Cafe

A white china coffee cup and a piece of cake

How cute is this? The banana chocolate chip cake was so yummy!

Almost next door to Indy Cafe. The owner, Kung, is a sweet lady who is running the bakery/ cafe. The interior is light and a little bit kitschy, with cute memorabilia, like small Hello Kitty decorations.  If you think it might be too much you can also sit outside on the nice patio and watch people passing by.

Here they have beautiful cakes, brownies and macarons that you can also order for your birthday party. I had a piece of Kung’s banana chocolate chip cake and I have to say, it was lovely and moist. Tasted homemade. There are various breakfast items, such as granola, pancakes and musli on the menu. Cappuccino was of good quality and you can also drink tea, smoothies or juices.


Ban Tai

Only Tasty

Like the name says… It’s only tasty here. This place is not far from Thong Sala and it’s opposite to the First Western Hospital. It is not just a cafe, but also a deli, bakery and a gourmet food store. The products are awesome but the interior is quite plain ( I’m sorry that I always complain about this. I just always like coffee house type of places or loftyish feeling, or something). Anyway, you can get beautiful sweet and salty pastries, baguettes, bagels etc from here! Croissants are crispy and full of fat (just like it should be).

If you are missing some quality cheese, French wine or charcuterie, you don’t have to worry anymore. You have found the right place! You can buy them home or design your own cheese and/or cold meat plate. If you wish, you can wash it down with a glass of wine (120b). This place is a little bit more expensive, eg. cappuccino 80b, baguettes 120-200b but then again, you are paying for quality here.


Matcha latte at Only Tasty

Matcha latte at Only Tasty



A newcomer not far from Only tasty.  This little cafe has a modern, perhaps even loftyish interior that I liked. Coffees are average priced, such as hot coffee 50 baht and cold 70 baht.  Juices are 80 baht. I had a small piece of their raw cake which was really nice. All day breakfast sets were 180 baht.

They have a lunch menu that consists of the most popular Thai dishes, Italian dishes and pasta in general, soups and salads, price range being around 120-200 baht.  I asked another patron about the wifi and according to her, it was working good. Perhaps this could be an option for a working space as it is quite peaceful in here.


A pic from inside the cafe

A pic from inside


Cappuccino and a piece of tiny raw cake

Looking good!



A small cafe inside Big C shopping centre. Coffees are moderately priced, around 40-50 baht and they have a small variety of cakes available.


100 Islands coffee bar

The best banana pancakes ever!

The best banana pancakes ever!


This place has got the best banana pancakes ever! Coffee is also very good and it comes in various forms, such as Thai style ice-coffee, the usual Italian espresso-based coffees and they even have the trendy sifon-style coffee. The garden/patio setting is very inviting in my opinion and makes this place a good spot for people watching.


Bubba’s is one of the most popular cafes on the island, I’d dare to say. For a good reason. The menu is mouthwatering and the owner, Robin, makes sure that the coffee is up to high standards. On top of that, they organise coffee tastings here where you can learn more about coffee roasting etc.


Avocado bagel and a cappuccino

Avocado bagel, anyone?


Sweet & Salt

A French bakery which makes beautiful and fantastic cakes, tarts, macarons etc. They have tasty baguettes and breakfast options also. This cafe seems to open in the afternoon so I haven’t actually visited it yet.


Luna Cafe

This cafe is situated very close to the ‘original’ Ban Tai 7/11. It is built inside a shipping consider but it’s quite cozy inside. They have a cool selection of yummies, both the ‘original’ kind of, sugary and the likes, and healthier versions, such as chia puddings. Also breakfast and different kinds of lunch items on the menu.


Luna cafe in Ban Tai



The World’s End

A Chaloklum classic run by a nice Swedish lady. The breakfast menu is extensive and mouthwatering, leaning more towards salty snacks and dishes.  Many of the dishes are on the heftier side so you could easily have a proper lunch here. I’ve heard that everything is good and I don’t doubt this statement at all: I chose to eat Eggs Benedict with spinach. I was supposed to leave a bit on my plate but oooops, I ate it all.


The spinach Eggs Benedict was so good! Impossible to leave anything on the plate



A relative newcomer in Chaloklum, run by a friendly Italian couple. They have breakfast items and sets available but also more filling dishes for lunch, such as Italian paninis, foccaccia, salads and detox juices. Many places charge over 100b for a glass of juice so I found Suncafe’s prices very reasonable, just 70 baht. A few of the dishes have a little bit of meat in them, but most of them were suitable for vegetarians and some suitable for vegans as well.


The North Coast Bakery

Sometimes simple things will do, such as filtered coffee and a plain croissant

This place is a bakery but you can get a nice breakfast here as well, sandwiches, salads, croissants and pastries. The ambiance is very plain but then again, it’s a bakery so it’s understandable.

Filtered coffee is a bargain, only 35 baht whereas special coffees are quite pricey, eg. latte 70 baht. I bought a loaf of rye bread to take home with me, 100 baht. Well, it’s quite light compared to the rye bread we have back home in Finland, but still very tasty. Glutenfree bread also available and other local products.


Haad Rin


A new and cozy place near the pier which makes it a convenient place for waiting if you are going to take the Haad Rin Queen ferry to Koh Samui. Coffees are average priced, 50-60 baht and ice-coffees 70 baht. The usual brekkie options are available. Furthermore, they have some Thai dishes, priced around 70-100 baht.


Harbour inside



This place serves delicious frozen yogurt and gelato with different toppings, waffles, cakes and crepes. Obviously coffee as well.

On the menu, it says frozen yogurt is 200b/portion but when the lady started preparing my order she said to me that I need to tell her to stop when I think there’s enough froyo in a cup. I wasn’t really sure what was going on but told her to stop randomly and after that, she weighed the portion and it cost 210 baht. That’s quite expensive, in my opinion.

Most coffees were also 100 baht, crepes and waffles 250b. So, this place is a bit pricey but I have to say, the frozen yogurt is soooo good!  You can have it inside where the is air-con or choose to sit outside where there are 2 tables.


Thong Nai Pan Noi


The cozy patio at Buri Rasa

The cozy patio at Buri Rasa


In the Mix

Buri Rasa has an amazing cafe in the lovely piazza alike next to the beach. They have delicious cake and pies. The selection varies so ask what’s on the menu when you visit. When I visited them they had, for instance, chocolate cake, coconut pie, muffins and banana cake.

It is pretty good value for money, their special, a piece of cake plus a hot coffee 140 baht. The coffee menu is also nice, though a bit pricey. Prices start from 75b (espresso) and frappes are 125b. With coffee, you get 2 small biscuits on the side, which is a pleasant surprise. Hot and cold tea also available.

Their specialty is soft-serve ice-cream and sundae cups. Plain sundae is 40b and with toppings, it’s 60-70b. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try out the sundaes because I opted for chocolate cake (as you do). Next time I will definitely try out the ice-cream!


Chocolate cake with whipped cream and a cherry on top plus a coffee

You couldn’t have it much better than this for 140 baht!


Pheeeew, now that was hard work! Going through all these mocha joints on Koh Phangan and sampling the produce. Amazingly, I haven’t gained any weight (thank heavens for that). There’s still one or two cafes missing from the list but (I will try to visit them soon), otherwise, I think the Koh Phangan cafe scene is now tried and tested. Let me know if your favourite is missing and I will go check it out!


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