Here in Thailand, it’s hot anyway, but imagine the amount of sweat you are producing during a 200-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training course. It’s been quite hectic lately. Days are so full so there really isn’t much time for anything else. If you’d like to know more what’s been happening, have a look at this intensive yoga teacher training post.


Un-yogic Behaviour

Having said that, I have to be honest with you. Last weekend my Finnish friend visited me and obviously, we needed to celebrate this special occasion. Let’s just say it involved a bit too much alcohol and it didn’t lead to very yogic behavior. I was a little bit disappointed with myself but you live and learn (maybe). The course has been quite intensive so in a way it doesn’t surprise me that I failed once.


A balancing act to the 200 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training; beach yoga with my dog on a cloudy day

Beach yoga with my dog



Yesterday we did a led class with our group in addition to morning’s mysore class. It had been exactly 3 weeks since we started. The improvements are massive. I think we can all be really proud of ourselves.

Lots of work needs to be done, though. I know my yogic path has been very on and off during the 10 years that I have been practicing. Hence, Ewa and Coco have needed to adjust me quite a lot in different asanas because I have picked up bad habits over the years.

That got me thinking that why haven’t these corrections been made back home earlier?! Then again, I’ve noticed that some of the asanas are a bit different from what I’m used to back home. Similarly, some alignments and movements are stressed differently. Even though Ashtanga at its core is the same everywhere, there are slight variations across the globe. In general, it is pretty cool though that you can practice anywhere and we are all doing the same thing.


Practicing head stand in our shala

One “monkey” upside down and the other one hanging =D


For the last week, we are supposed to be at the shala 6.45am so we have time to do Sama Vritti (breathing) exercises and Ganesha mantra chanting. So, now I need to get up 15-20 minutes earlier what I’ve been doing. I didn’t sleep too well last night because my fan is broken and it kept making a horrible noise.

Wasn’t too happy when the alarm went off. On the other hand, after my morning coffee, I felt very good about being up already and heading to do my morning practice. Wow! Wasn’t sure if this would ever happen.


Getting Fond of Pranayama

In the afternoon’s asana clinic we didn’t have time to go through the last finishing postures but otherwise, the lesson was very informative. Very good questions and answers about asanas, anatomy/alignments, and a breathing/relaxation exercise.


Doing hanumanasana aka the split during 200 hour ashtanga yoga teacher training

Doing hanumanasana variation. Hanumanasana is the yoga split basically


Actually, I have really started to like Pranayama ie. breathing exercises in which we elongate and retain breath. It is really amazing how much my lung capacity has grown.

I also felt that I really want to continue my practice after this course as well. Not only on the mat but everything (well, almost) else as well. The breathing exercises, meditation etc. So, when driving home after the asana clinic I felt really appreciative of everything: what I have learned during this course and my life in general, and being able to stay here on Koh Phangan, in Thailand.



Sunset time: no wonder no-one wants to leave this place


Still Dreaming of Doing a 200-hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand?

There are many lovely locations to choose from. Koh Phangan is a yoga/ new age mecca but Koh Samui has many reputable yoga schools likewise. Or if you prefer the mountains, I suggest you look up the yoga shalas up North, especially in Chiang Mai. And, if you want to know how I ended up here, please read this post.


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