I know it is a cliche. A Western girl getting fed up with her 9-5 job, quitting it and doing a yoga teacher training course in Thailand or India. So why did I decide to do it then? Well, I guess there are a few reasons. I had decided to leave Finland anyway and wanted a change in my life. Yoga has given me a lot and I would like to be able to pass on some of this balance and healthy feeling it has brought into my life. Wouldn’t hurt if I would be able to make a tiny bit of money as well, at some point. My intention is not to become a full-time yoga teacher, however, because there are quite a few yoga teachers already. Probably even too many, because yoga IS a big business nowadays.



Where does this road take me? It looks bumpy as hell!


As always(?), there was an event that triggered all this. The usual story, pretty much. I was on Koh Phangan a year ago, as well. I broke up with a guy (who actually used to own Chase, my true love, little Thai mix dog) and was sad for a while. I started meditating, doing yoga and Reiki again. I won’t go into the details now, but all these things felt very good. They were healing me and I knew I wanted to continue doing those. So the idea of a yoga teacher training -idea that I had previously played around a bit-  became more apparent. The idea was not only and primarily to become a yoga teacher, but also to deepen my own knowledge and practice of Ashtanga yoga and meditation.

I started doing some research in order to decide which yoga school/ teacher training programme would suit me the best. It had to be on Koh Phangan and very early I made up my mind that it would have to be Ashtanga, the yoga tradition that has always been closest to my heart. There were 2 possibilities but the other one was on the other side of the island, in Haad Yuan and that was a no-go for me. So Orion Healing Centre it was to be! I had done some Ashtanga classes there before and my Reiki 1 course so I wasn’t completely unfamiliar with this yoga school. It is quite a nice place anyway and they have loads of different activities there.




In the original Ashtanga Yoga lineage, according to Pattabhi Jois, Yoga Alliance’s etc. teacher trainings are not recognised as a way to become an authorised teacher. The only way to become this is to practice regularly in Mysore, India under Sharath Jois’ ( Pattabhi Jois’ nephew) guidance. The idea behind this is to prevent the money-making with the teacher trainings and make sure that the students/teachers follow the original Ashtanga Yoga lineage. So yes, in that sense I am feeling a bit guilty about being part (and giving my money) of the yoga business and not following the original teachings/discipline. However, I have chosen to live in Thailand for the time being and I have Chase as well. I cannot leave him for a too long a time and runt to India.