A while ago, I was in Bangkok, sushi cravings permeating my head.  I knew that soon I would be back in Finland where everything is expensive. No cheap takeaway sushi nor dining (any cuisine really). So I started thinking a sushi buffet wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I was hanging out at Siam Square and did some serious googling.  And that’s how I got the idea…


the entrance to the wonderful Bangkok sushi restaurant

Welcome to Shabu Shi by Oishi


Shabushi by Oishi

Shabu shabu is Japanese hot pot cooking. Here you choose from 3 different soup base: tom yam, clear or thick soup. The ingredients, such as veggies, salmon and other fish, seafood and different meats move around on the conveyor belt, (or Kaiten style as it’s also called) and you pick them and boil in the broth. I only put some greens in my soup as I was more prepared to stuff myself with sushi.


soup bowl and the sushi belt

The soup and now you can start to pick & mix!


The sushi was good but by no means was it the best that I’ve tasted. Nevertheless, it really was tasty enough to satisfy my sushi cravings. New portions were brought in constantly so you knew that it was fresh. May I also add, that if you are travelling the next day, this is something that you want to bear in mind. (Off topic, have experienced food poisoning twice at the airport and once just before I was supposed to take a long bus journey, eeewwww!)


a selection of sushi on a plate

Sushi love!

There was nice and crunchy tempura also available, kimchi, gyoza, saba mackerel (yum!), fried rice and some strange meaty sticks that you could warm up in broth. I had no idea what these were and didn’t even ask. Didn’t look so appetizing. They have different sauces that you can pour on your sides depending on your taste (eg. spicy or mild).


What’s More!

As you might’ve guessed, you can drink as much Oishi tea here as you want. Some of the tea flavours are quite sweet though and I added water to mine.  And how about unlimited scoops of ice-cream. Yey for that! Flavours such as chocolate and green tea were yummy but if you now want lighten up, you could also choose sorbet or just eat fruits for dessert. Coming from Finland, the land of coffee drinkers, I was only missing a good mocca after the meal.


A selection of Japanese food, sushi, tempura and soup bowl on the table

I really couldn’t wait to dig in!


The Overall Experience of This Bangkok Sushi Restaurant

If you are in the Siam area (or Siam Center Mall), in Bangkok (sushi cravings in your head), Shabushi by Oishi is not a bad choice. For the price, 419 baht (11 euros or 13 USD), I think it’s quite a good deal. You can stay only for 90 minutes but for me, that’s not a deal breaker. There is no alcohol on sale, by the way. Might be useful information for someone. I think I stayed for only about 30 minutes. I was by myself though, so mainly taking pics and updating my Instagram profile, hehe.

Don’t forget your bag underneath the table like I did. I kind of knew it might happen because it was quite cramped and you can’t see your bags if you hang it in the hook. Luckily, this time, there was nothing valuable to be lost.


A sushi belt table with bar stools around it

You sit around the table and pick ingredients to your liking


Where: Siam Center, 4th floor (though you can find these all over Thailand)

When: 10-22

Price: 419 baht (11 euros or 13 USD)/ person, children about half price or free, depending on their size


After lunch, it might be time to have a short rest before heading out to the night markets, such as the newish Asiatique at the waterfront.

Then again, if you are a serious foodie, you should read about the amazing chocolate brunch/ high tea at the Sukhothai!



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A while ago, I was in Bangkok, sushi cravings permeating my head.  I did some googling and decided to try all you can eat sushi buffet Shabushi by Oishi at Siam Center. It proved to be a good choice to satisfy my cravings for sushi and Japanese food in general. Perhaps it wasn't the best sushi ever but it was fresh. #thailand #bangkok #sushi #buffet                   If you are in the Siam area, in Bangkok, you must try this Japanese hot pot/sushi restaurant. It's all you can eat at a decent price. Furthermore, you get to drink different Oishi tea flavours as much as you like and eat ice-cream for dessert. #thailand #sushi #hotpot #bangkok