The sweets and pastries from the Sukhothai hotel Bangkok

Ok peeps, this is a warning: the post contains mouthwatering pictures of chocolate and other delicacies at the Sukhothai hotel afternoon tea which in my opinion is the best brunch in Bangkok. I really wish I could be there at the moment (hungry!). Then again, it is probably better that I can’t because I would just stuff myself. If you want to read about healthier food, why not check out this one on raw food cooking class during my yoga teacher training.


How to do the best brunch in Bangkok

I did this brunch with my mother and she really doesn’t eat much. Only very small portions throughout the day. Let me say that the buffet turned out to be her turmoil, haha. I will tell a bit more about that later on. So my advice would be, skip lunch before you come here and eat a small breakfast. You want to be able to sample as many dishes as possible.

They have both savories and sweets so you will get a decent meal. Well, with the price of 999 baht you would kind of expect that. But I think it’s actually good value for money. So it’s definitely worth investing a thousand baht to this posh, high tea experience.

The buffet runs from Friday until Sunday, 2-5pm. You’d better book it in advance as well, to save you from the FOMA (fear of missing out). The dress code is smart casual, though you see all kinds of attires, from fancy to mode modest and comfortable tourist outfits.


tea cups and pots beautifully presented

Beautifully presented tea set


Salty nibbles

They have a smorgasbord of savory dishes to choose from. Both Thai inspired nibbles, as well as the traditional English cucumber sandwiches, mini sausages, sushi, olives etc. Makes me really hungry to just think about these. (May I add that I am just slightly hangover and craving for salty foods at the moment.) But don’t get over excited, we didn’t come here for the hors d’oveurs. It’s the CHOCOLATE!


Some of the mouthwatering dishes this Bangkok's best brunch has on offer

Some of the mouthwatering dishes this Bangkok’s best brunch has on offer


The ethereal chocolate buffet

I went crazy when I saw all the sweets here, in the beautiful salon setting. And yes, I’m a sweet junkie. Cakes, pastries, chocolate, ice cream… you name it, I love it. The cakes and tortes are delicious but also delicate and beautiful. There are warm desserts as well, such as scones and sticky date pudding. We don’t actually have sticky date pudding in Finland (we should, though) but I fell in love with this yummy dessert while living in London and Australia.

You can dip fruits and marshmallows in chocolate fondue. The chef prepares a hot chocolate in front of your eyes, you only need to choose the chocolate type from 20 or so high-quality chocolate varieties originating from all over the world. If you crave for something not so hot, you can try their ice creams and my advice actually would be having some vanilla ice cream with your sticky date pudding. Divine!


A buffet table full of cakes and pastries

The sweet presentation in every sense


When you are done with the first round, take a break, do some gramming, take photos and start all over again. You will be stuffed when you leave this place. If you aren’t, then you’re clearly too healthy, haha.


Even the macarons had Sukhothai logo on them

Even the macarons had Sukhothai logo on them


Me and Mum after the best brunch in Bangkok

Me and Mum after the best brunch in Bangkok



Without a doubt, this is the best chocolate brunch in Bangkok. Or perhaps high tea would be more appropriate when talking about the Sukhothai because it is more than just a brunch.

It is a once in a lifetime experience that every connoisseur should be able to do. I will certainly visit this exquisite place next time when I’m Bangkok, during a weekend.

If you want some advice on other amazing high teas, check out Bernadette’s post Best afternoon teas around the world. I wrote about my experience there as well albeit briefly.

Another popular place for coffee and sweets would be the Unicorn cafe in Bangkok. That is, if you like unicorns and artificial colours and flavours, haha.

So, what was the thing that happened to my mother?! Well, she started feeling sick after eating too much and said to me that I can never again take her to a buffet again because she doesn’t like being full and eating too much. Ooooops! Sorry, Mum!



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