Again On Koh Phangan. A place that has felt like second home for some years. My first visit to Thailand was when I was 9. My whole family loves this place and it’s like a second home country. Or is it more of a home country if I’m not planning on going back to Finland?! I was planning on staying here “for good” the previous year as well, but some complications arose. He is called my ex and I met him on the island. That’s how Chase ended up to me as well. A Thai mix dog that I’m crazy about.

So I went back to Europe for June-November 2016. The idea was to come back a bit earlier but my ex boss asked if I wanted to continue a few more months and that was ok. November is the perfect time to leave Finland anyway. It gets cold and dark.  I started my TEFL studies online already back home in Finland. Didn’t have too much extra time but it was ok. I was already thinking about the future and living in Thailand.


Flooded streets of Koh Phangan


The last months in Thailand have been unexceptionally WET. Raining constantly for about 2 months. It was horrible! Mentally draining not being able to do anything. Except sit inside. Floods destroyed a lot of infrastructure, caused financial losses for locals and business owners. Really felt sorry for them. Some lives were lost in the Southern provinces as well. My main worry was to battle against musk and mold. All my clothes started getting moldy. Purely dreadful to think back that time. Now it has been sunny for about a week. Thank you! I was starting to get mad… Oh, apparently this has something to do with the El Nino effect, or maybe more accurately La Nina, which brings cooler weather and rains in SE Asia.

During that time I was able to finish my TEFL studies, though. Lot of essay writing and listening to webinars online etc. The fun part was of course doing the teacher practice. I taught both adults and young learners. The children at the local school were sweethearts. Ok, of course you have the rascals as well. That’s universal, eh?!

I would really like to teach part-time at one of the schools here. Trouble is that there are not that many schools here and traditionally English teaching hasn’t scored super high. Which is a real shame. I should now just get my portfolio together and go round talking to the local headmasters. Another option would be to teach staff at resorts and restaurants. I had a few lessons at Infinity which is an amazing restaurant/pool! Check out the pics! The staff is mostly Burmese and they are really nice and friendly. Really had fun with these guys and it was nice seeing how some of them were really eager to improve their English.


Me and the students from Chumchonbantai



At Infinity, not teaching this time