White lion seen from a car

On the wino in Joburg

Truth be told, my first trip to Johannesburg and South Africa didn’t really go the way I had planned it. I think the main problem was that I got sick from day 2. Actually, had been feeling it in Bangkok already. It might be because of air-con and the constant temperature changes. I felt fluish and had a very sore throat. Because I was so sick there was no exercise either which gave me the perfect excuse to drink wine. In addition, in Thailand, wines are quite expensive so I kind of gave myself a permission to indulge in the quality wines and inexpensive prices.


I guess you are in Africa when…

The internet is not really working or it’s damn slow. Though as my friend from Ghana said, South Africa is not real Africa, hehe. Anyway, I wasn’t prepared for this and the bad connection caused a few problems during my stay. I really wanted to see downtown Joburg with its Constitution Hill and Apartheid Museum but I couldn’t get my Uber to work before it was too late. So everybody, be patient. The Internet here is not functioning as efficiently as it might be back home.


Soweto and the inspirational Mr Mandela

I was a bit shocked when I learned there is no public transport for white people/Caucasian in Johannesburg. Only black/coloured people use the local taxis/ minivans. I was being told that it would not be a safe way to travel. I was very sad to learn and witness the duality. I’m a huge Nelson Mandela fan and his book, Long walk to freedom is one of my favourite books. He is such an inspirational character even know when he is no longer with us. It was cool to see Soweto, his old neighbourhood, though it was clearly seen how commercialised it partly had become. I got to see Mr Mandela’s old house outside but , unfortunately, we couldn’t visit it inside because it was closed. 


Orlando Towers

Apparently, this is the landmark of Soweto if not the whole Johannesburg. It used to be a coal-powered plant station earlier. Now you can do all kinds of daredevil things there, such as bungy jumping or paintball. We were not feeling particularly brave so just took some photos and settled for that. The towers do look awesome and impressive, given the size and the colourful murals on them. So they make good photos!


The colourful Orlando Towers are the landmark of Soweto

Orlando Towers are the landmark of Soweto


The big cats

The highlight of my trip was definitely the Rhino and the Lion Park. Wooooooow! Seeing wild animals mere one metre from you. What I perhaps loved the most was seeing the big cats (lions, leopards, cheetahs..) and seeing the resemblance to our Felis domesticus. Made me miss my cats back home. We were also lucky because they feed the big cats only once a week and we got to witness that.


A big male lion

Mr Lion himself




I have wanted to visit Cape Town for a very long time. Next time I will definitely do that. It is a bit easier to get around to, I’ve heard. In Joburg, I was a bit stuck in the burbs, though it was a very nice area and my host had a nice home. I could’ve made a longer trip and visit  Cape Town as well but I have my dog and didn’t want to burden my friends too much. This is the responsibility when you have a pet. Makes travelling much more complicated. Then again, I love my dog so much that wouldn’t give him up just to be free as a bird. You can read more about Chase, my Thai mix dog here.



Hi! I’m Pygmy Hippo (for real)


If you would like to know what’s going on in Joburg, have a look at this site, Vibescout. Plenty of ideas there! Next time when I’m in Johannesburg, South Africa, I want to go out a little bit more and get to know the nightlife. Just have to be prepared so I have my Uber waiting for me.


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