I’ve had to do a little bit of digging to find out Thailand’s best pet-friendly hotels (Bangkok and Pattaya mainly).  I’m going to reveal them in this blog post so keep on reading if you need to travel in Thailand with your four-legged friend.

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What to consider when booking pet-friendly hotels (Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand)?

Most places allow both cats and dogs but better check this beforehand. Usually, these are the only animals allowed though so sorry ferret, bird and reptile owners. However, usually, hotels permit only small animals and hence, the weight limit is typically 5-7 kg or 10kg. If you have a big dog, it’s not gonna be easy finding accommodation.

Some places let pets stay for free (yey, points from animal lovers <3) whereas others put a moderate price tag on your furry friends. Then the third option is something of a rip-off price, in my opinion. Okay, if you can afford to stay in a 5* hotel, I’m sure you have money to pay for your four-legged friend as well but I wish they would keep moderation in mind as a principle.


Chase in a crate

Chase does not really love being in a crate

For instance, DoubleTree by Hilton and W Bangkok charge 3500 baht per animal irrespective of how long you stay. Fraser Suites has taken this a bit further and is asking 5000-10 000 baht per pet. Wow! That’s a lot of money. Such a shame because the location is really good and one of my favorite restaurants/rooftop bars is situated on the same premises, Above Eleven.

Most public parks don’t allow dogs so that’s a very big downfall. If it’s a smaller, local park you are more likely to be allowed to access it. If it’s a grandiose place, meticulously looked after, most likely you won’t get in. Lumpini is a no-no, I tried.

Some owners do clean after their pooches, others don’t. I always have small plastic bags with me. Perhaps in the future, more dogs are allowed in parks if Thais realize that owners clean after their dogs.


Decor do Hostel

Decor do Hostel might be one of the best pet-friendly hotels in Bangkok if you wish to remain economical. The rooms are quite basic and hence, the prices are reasonable. The bathroom could’ve used some upkeep if I’m honest. Then again, I’m used to all this so a couple nights in a humble abode is ok to me.

The good thing is that you can cook there yourself because they have a kitchen in the common area. A very modest breakfast is included, tea/coffee, toast, jam -type. If you want to enjoy your breakfast here, perhaps buy a yogurt and some fruits from a nearby supermarket to make it a proper brekkie.


pet friendly room inside

Decor do Hostel is one of the cheapest pet-friendly hotels in Bangkok. The picture is from their website as I didn’t have any of my own


I have a feeling that the pet-friendly rooms are in quite a high demand during high season so book well in advance. Staff is very friendly here so that’s a bonus. This is on the west bank of Chao Phraya so you can either walk about 600m to BTS Thonburi if you are headed to the city or stroll to the pier (5min) and take the ferry (5b) which takes you to the other side. The ferries run frequently (not late at night though) but of course it takes a bit extra time. BTS Saphan Taksin is right next to the ferry.

And the good news for animal lovers?  Pets stay for free without weight restrictions and 2 are allowed per room. Decor do Hostel is quite close to a nearby park so this place is ideal if your dog needs more than a 5-minute-walk.


Ibis Riverside

This is very close to Decor so it shares the same downsides and benefits in regard to the location: you need to take the ferry to get to Saphan Taksin BTS and Suvarnabhumi is quite far but then again, the park is just a short stroll away. Furthermore, on the hotel premises, they have a small area for dogs where they advise you to scoop after the poop. If your dog doesn’t require a long walk you can just go around the hotel yard.


The lovely pool area at Ibis Riverside

The lovely pool area at Ibis Riverside

I’ve now stayed at 3 different Ibises and the rooms are identical: very plain and small. Nothing special. The rooms are clean though and there is a kettle if you want to make a cuppa. There are no bathroom amenities. The breakfast brunch at Ibis is quite good: Asian hot dishes, salads, fresh fruits, traditional western brekkie items (bacon, omelets, toast, bread etc) and also croissants, small danishes, pancakes and so on. The pool area here is wonderful and so is the view of the riverside at the pool (and from some rooms).


View to Chao Phraya river and the skyscrapers of Bangkok

Riverside view

Dogs are supposed to be under 10kg (mine is nowadays almost twice this but it’s been ok) and nowadays they are free at all Ibises! Overall, I think Ibis Riverside might be the best value for money.


Ibis Sathorn

The same Ibis rooms and a decent brekkie awaits you here. It’s a bit cheaper than the one at Riverside. The taxi ride to Suvarnabhumi took about 45 minutes which wasn’t bad in my opinion. A motorbike taxi to MBK was very “leu leu” which means fast in Thai. It’s about 4km from Siam.

Otherwise, the area was nothing special. Not too many cool restaurants though you wouldn’t starve either but not really any nightlife to speak of. They had many massage places lined up just opposite the hotel so at least you can relax and get a good Thai massage.


Fruits, croissants, and a selection of breakfast items on a plate

The breakfast at Ibis is quite good in my opinion


Dog-wise, not a lot of good places to walk around. I found a block that was quieter so walked around there but there is no green anywhere so you might be in a bit of trouble if your dog can’t do it on concrete. On a positive note, pets stay for free, 1/room. The limit is supposed to be 10kg but they don’t seem to be too strict with this. Book Ibis Sathorn here.


Inside Ibis room and Chase the dog with my luggage on floor

This is what Ibis room looks like. It’s small and quite plain. But clean also

Furthermore, you could also book Ibis Siam or Ibis Bangkok Sukhumvit 4, for instance.



This might be something you might look into as well. Bear in mind that you need to do a bit of researching to find a place that allows pets. Many times if you put the filter for pet-friendly they actually say it in the rules that no pets are allowed. Or vice versa, they might let you know that they have pets themselves.

A top suggestion came from an animal lover who is also regularly involved with the export process/ rehoming of animals into their forever home. According to her, Green Tails is a fantastic option. Need to try it next time. https://www.facebook.com/greentailsbkk/or https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/13903608

More info: https://www.airbnb.com/


Chase on a motorbike

He does not like the crate but he loves motorbike rides!

Grand Mercure Asoke Residence

Grand Mercure Asoke was just awesome! Well, of course, it was quite a lot more upscale compared to the other places so no wonder. I was actually hosted by them but all opinions are nevertheless my own. It’s a residential hotel so you are also getting more floor space and a kitchen at the same price. The rooftop pool with the gym and sauna are just wonderful. I wish I had had more time for chilling at the pool. The staff is very courteous and they actually prepare a bed and a food bowl for your pet. 


Grand Mercure is quite luxurious and in my opinion one of the best pet-friendly hotels (Bangkok area)

Chase checking out the posh premises

The room was just fab! Spacious (71sqm), a comfy bed, a balcony, a cozy living room with a plasma tv and a clean bathroom with a bathtub. In addition, location-wise this place is hard to beat. Both BTS Skytrain and MRT subways are just 400 metres away. The hip mall, Terminal21, is situated at the transportation hub and Soi Cowboy plus Nana are not too far either if you are looking for some serious entertainment.


A towel on a bed wrapped in a dog form

Look at this attention to detail!


I took Chase for a walk around the block. Nothing special but luckily the streets are in some parts separated for pedestrians so it was safe to stroll in the area. Pets cost 300b/day and the weight limit is 10kg.


Ploykhumthong Boutique

I already booked Ploykhumthong because they had a special, discounted price. But, as it turned out, they said I needed to upgrade my room to a superior bungalow which meant a more expensive room. Pets weren’t allowed in the standard rooms. Here they charge 700b/night for a pet which in my opinion is just a ripoff. So I canceled the room and booked Ibis Sathorn instead.


Room inside

Room inside, pic courtesy of Ploykhumthong


My friend stayed here with her cat and she was very pleased with the room and said that the staff was nice also.

The good thing about this place is that it is situated very close to the airport. It would be very handy doing the vet check at the Suvarnabhumi Quarantine Office on the previous day before the flight because we all know that Bangkok is badly congested. By the way, here you can find a blog post on how to export a dog from Thailand.


The pool area

The pool area, pic courtesy of Ploykhumthong

Rider Resort

This place is a bit out of the way but then again it’s quite close to Suvarnabhumi (about 30min away). I haven’t been here myself but the rooms look quite outdated but then again, the price is moderate and cats and dogs stay for free (no kg limits either, up to 1 pet/room).

More info: http://rider-resort.bangkokshotels.com/en/

House By The Pond

I haven’t visited House By The Pond yet either but it has gotten quite good reviews and it has got a central location near Sukhumvit. It is also moderately priced and unlike most places, they don’t have set kg limits for the dogs. Pets also stay for free.


a bed with white linen, dark wooden wall and a window in the room

One of the rooms. This picture is from their own website


One thing I haven’t figured out, though. It says nudity is permitted in public areas. Does anyone know about this? Surely not in Thailand??! Some people have commented that the rooms are a bit outdated whereas other like the rustic charm this place has and the garden with some animals.


Luxury Hotels

As mentioned earlier, some 5* start hotels allow pets but usually only very small ones and they also charge quite a hefty fee for the pet. Contact the hotel directly for some more details.

An animal lover informed me that she had enjoyed her stay at Ammata Lanta Resort which is a luxury hotel very close to the Suvarnabhumi airport. The pets stay for free but the rooms are quite pricey. Two animals are allowed per room and, officially, the weight limit is max 5kg but they had welcomed this dog which was about 10 kilograms and apparently the staff just loved the dog.



Pattaya: Jada Beach Residence

Jada Beach Residence might be one of the best pet-friendly hotels outside Bangkok. I was so happy with the room. It was quite basic and it was on the ground floor. I could open the back door and Chase was able to stretch his legs in the small garden. The pool area is a nice addition and the food market is almost next door. Jomtien Beach is not too far and many farangs nowadays walk their dogs there. Pets cost 80b/night and 2 are allowed per room (up to 10kg). Overall, I think this place is a good value for money.

For a more upscale stay, try the super popular Rabbit Resort at Dongtan/Jomtien Beach. They allow pets or request.


Ok, this was my list of the best pet-friendly hotels in Bangkok. Have you been to Thailand with your cat or dog? Would you have anything to add to the list? I think all animal friends would be thankful for any tips (including myself).  

Oh, and if you want some more tips on how to make traveling with your pet easier and less stressful in Thailand, have a look at this article about pet-travel in Thailand. Hope it helps =)


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