I think I made the right choice by booking the Kala Samui, in Thailand, after having spent a few nights at a hotel which seems to have become quite popular among families. It was so tranquil at the Kala Samui and no kids running around.


The Kala Samui main building photographed from the pool area

The Kala Samui main building photographed from the pool area



I loved the old, rustic style with high ceilings and wooden floors. The bathroom was spacious and it came with a big bathtub. I also liked the round-shaped shower. The bed was comfy and I had a good sleep.

Perhaps the vanity bag could’ve been a bit grander. Now there was nothing special really.  When the competition gets harder, you are kind of waiting for that wow factor.  The small details are also the ones that set you apart from your competitors.

Shampoo, body shower and body lotion were in semi-big bottles  (not to be taken with you) and I’m all for this. It’s good that hotels are getting rid of the single-use soaps, bottles etc. to be more environmentally friendly. One thing I felt was missing, though, a conditioner! The body lotion was, of course, coconut one given that we are on an island which has coconut production. Suits me, because I just love everything coconut!


Inside the hotel room two single beds in the front

Inside the hotel room


Bathroom sink and bathtub in the bathroom

The bathroom

The big balcony had a spectacular sea view. There was a bird singing in a nearby palm tree and this was kind the of icing on the cake. It really felt like a piece of heaven and tropical paradise. No noise pollution coming from the traffic or anything. Just pure tranquility and bliss!


Pool area

I loved the infinity pool and soft sunbeds. There was a massive sun deck a few steps down from the pool which was directly on top of the rocks at the sea and hence, the view was awesome. The downside, of course, was that you needed to walk up to the pool if you wanted to have a swim or shower.


Me at the Infinity pool of the Kala Samui

Infinity pool, gotta love them!


If you wanted to have a dip in the sea you needed to walk a bit further. There were steps leading you to a place where you could descend into the sea. The steps were a bit slippery so be careful!

There was no direct access to the beach but I don’t mind this since here are so many beaches just a short drive away. Furthemore, why would I want to get sand in my pants when the pool area is so clean and beautiful?! (You guessed it right, I prefer poolside area over beaches.)

Overall, the hotel has quite a few steps since it’s built on a cliff so perhaps this is something to be aware of.


Pool area with sunbeds and sea behind the infinity pool

The pool and the nice and soft sunbeds

If you were craving for some activities, the hotel offered snorkeling masks, fishing gear, and a kayak gratuity. I, unfortunately, didn’t have time for these activities.



We had dinner at the 26 Degrees restaurant and it was quite tasty though it took a while to arrive. I had a white fish fusion portion which had both Western and Thai elements. My Mum ordered salmon which was a huuuuuge chunk of fish, mashed potato and some veggies. Not bad, though, the mashed potato had cooled down already when it reached to us.

The prices were around 400-600 baht per portion. They had mostly Thai dishes, but also Western cuisine was represented and pizzas were available.

The hotel also had a cocktail bar close to the pool but this time I refrained from alcoholic drinks.


Salmon on a plate with mashed potato, corn and broccoli

The salmon portion that my Mum ate. A huge piece of fish!


We didn’t have time to try the breakfast as we rushed to the airport in the morning. Next time I will have to try it out.


Two dinner portions on the table with Mum in the background

Dinner with Mum

Service and ambiance

Service was friendly and I liked the relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. It wasn’t crowded so I felt I could really relax and wind myself up. So soothing when there was not much noise or small children running around. There were a few families but the overall atmosphere was more directed at adults.


Sea view with beautiful rock formations

View on the left side of the hotel and this is close to the place where you could descend swimming into the sea as well


The place is rustic, as I already described it earlier. In some places, a small uplift might be advantageous, eg. at the poolside the paint had started to chip from the wall decor.

When we checked out, everything went smoothly. I only wished that the staff would’ve said good-byes to us as well. That really would’ve wrapped the whole experience up in a very positive way. Now we just handed in the key and the staff disappeared after our room was checked.


Location and wellness

The hotel is located around halfway between the busy Chaweng with all the nightlife and the more quieter Lamai. There is not much happening close to the hotel but you are not far from either of the villages either. We had a motorbike so it was easy to get around from one place to another. Inexperienced drivers might find the hilly roads a bit scary, though.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to try the spa they have on the premises so I can’t comment on that. The famous Vikasa Yoga Retreat is just down the road as well as the Sky Gym. I didn’t have time to visit both so this time I tried out the gym (250b single ticket) with the views. A decent gym with amazing vistas. On the other hand, it does get quite hot up there, especially if you are not used to the heat. Then again, I’d say it also depends whether or not you are visiting the place during the hot or milder season.

The sundeck of the Kala Samui was just perfect for yoga with the soft sea breeze and wooden platform. If you can get up early in the morning, I’m sure you’d have the whole place to yourself. I went there in the afternoon to do a short practice and take some yoga photos. Just lovely!


Me doing yoga on the sundeck of the Kala Samui sea in the background

The sundeck at the Kala Samui was perfect for doing yoga!


The Kala Samui logo outside the hotel



The Kala Samui all in all

I have to say that I loved this place. I’m a sucker for rustic decor, sea views and infinity pools so this hotel ticked all the correct boxes. There were a few minor details, however, that I wish the hotel would’ve paid more attention to. If these small issues were dealt with, then there really wouldn’t be much to annotate.

I wish that I could visit Kala Samui soon again.


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