unicorn cafe

Sweetness overload at Unicorn cafe

I decided to visit the much-hyped Unicorn Cafe because I had some extra time in hand, while in Bangkok. You can check their Facebook page here.. Was it worth it? Well, perhaps if you are a hardcore fan.

I’ve never been a big believer in dishes and drinks that are full of artificial flavour and colours. But here, I guess it’s kind of part of the deal. The cafe is divided into sections A and B which are not joined together. My guess is that they have had a lot of customers and have expanded. I was quite lucky because I visited the place on Queen’s Birthday/ Mother’s Day weekend and many Thais had fled Bangkok. So I got a table straight away.

Half of the items on the menu were sold out so this was not a good sign, though. I ordered a piece of rainbow pancake cake. It looked pretty but in the end, the creamy filling was just too much and I didn’t finish it. I had a lychee soda to go with it. Once again, very, very sweet (I’m a massive cake, chocolate, cookie monster, in general) and I don’t normally drink this kind of high-sugary liquids. Not at least if its turquoise.


pancake rainbow cake with a lyche soda

Pancake rainbow cake with a lyche soda

Selfie heaven

Here the food items seem to be of secondary importance, though. What is more important is ‘gramming, taking selfies and producing content to social media (guilty as charged!). The stuffed unicorns (photo props obviously) were a bit dirty, could use a wash if you ask me. Wouldn’t want to cuddle them too much.

I didn’t stay here very long and on my way out I went around the corner to see side B. It looked actually more inviting than side A, with stuffed unicorns hanging from the ceiling. Outside there’s a big unicorn statue which is kind of cool, as well. If you like unicorns, that is.


the display at Unicorn Cafe

Inside Unicorn Cafe


Unicorn cafe, section A

Unicorn Cafe, zone A

The Unicorn Cafe, all in all

So would I come to Unicorn Cafe again? I think not. Once is enough. I think there are numerous better and cozier cafes in Bangkok. I prefer coffee shop kind of places anyway, with dark wood and natural materials, and food that doesn’t look like it has got its colours from a colouring book . But for unicorn fans, you have to try it. Make sure you’ve got enough power left in your camera and look good enough for all those selfies, haha. Check their Facebook page to get instructions on how to get there (near Chong Nonsi BTS), opening hours etc. I think it’s closed on Mondays.


Unicorn Cafe, side A

Unicorn Cafe, zone A


Oh, by the way, nowadays there’s Mermaid Cafe as well. In Bangkok naturally. One used to be near Don Mueang airport but I couldn’t find their website anymore. Not sure if it’s still running. Then again, for many tourists this location at Siam Square, soi 2 is much more convenient. So would I visit this Mermaid Cafe?! I took a look at some of the photos from the place and their products, and… Thank you but no thank you; I’ve had enough of pastel coloured pastries, haha.

Then again, if you really love sweet things, as I do, you can’t miss the divine chocolate brunch at the Sukhothai, in Bangkok.

Alternatively, if you need some more suggestions on what to do next, where to go in Thailand, have a look at this Thailand travel guide from the Lost Passport blog.

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A pastel coloured piece of cake with a pink soda