I live on Koh Phangan which is more rustic compared to its neighbouring island but I really loved hanging out in the “touristy” Fisherman’s Village, Koh Samui (the neighbour island of Koh Phangan).  They have a plethora of excellent restaurants and bars, nice shops, cool beach, and even a yoga studio!


A Thai fishing boat statue as a tourist sight


There are a lot of small shops in the area. They sell mostly  (women’s) clothing but also souvenirs,  t-shirts, Thai delicacies and spices, jewellery, beach essentials, toys et cetera. Everything feels a bit expensive, compared to eg. Bangkok or the markets but then again, this is a touristy spot.

They have a proper shopping plaza here called The Wharf. It’s a beautiful Spanish style building at the end of the street Fisherman’s Village consists of. Most of the shops open towards later at night when it’s not so hot but some stay open during the day.

Once again, they have more things for ladies, such as chic as well as bohemian clothes,  beachwear, bags, and jewellery but children nor men are not forgotten either. In the same vein, as with the small shops in Fisherman’s Village, the prices are a bit upscale to my liking. It’s okay, I guess, if you only spend a couple of weeks on the island but when you live in Thailand the prices seem quite high.


Different food and drink stalls and shops set up at the walking street of Fisherman's Village, Koh Samui

So many dishes to sample! And good shopping to be done


Walking street market

The walking street market which gets very busy especially on Friday nights starts from the shopping plaza extending all the way to the main (ring) road which goes around Samui. It’s really busy and they have vendors selling clothes, souvenirs,  spices, electronics, gadgets, art etc.

The best part is, though, the FOOD! They have everything here, Thai food, bbq meat & seafood, Western food, deep-fried snacks, fruits, Thai desserts, coconut ice-cream and so on. It’s better to snack away and sample as many dishes as possible.

In addition, they are selling alcohol so the whole place ends up being a big outdoor bar with pop and disco hits blasting from the different “cocktail bars” set up on the area. And if this is not enough, there is also various live entertainment and bands playing live to keep you entertained. A must-see place on a Friday night!


Bars, restaurants, cafes

A selection of raw seafood on display

The seafood here is amazing!


I love the restaurants in Fisherman’s Village! Can’t rave enough about them. While I was on Samui, I tried to visit at least one restaurant per day (unfortunately, this also shows on my waist at the moment,  haha).

You got it right, the restaurants are not the cheapest here especially when you have been staying in spots such as Pattaya and Rayong which are super affordable. But I like to splurge on food every once in a while. If it hasn’t come through yet, I’m a bit of a foodie and love me fancy dinners with good quality wines.

I actually wrote a more in-depth article about my favourite Fisherman’s Village restaurants and you can find it here.


A picture collage of the many restaurants and cafes in Fisherman's Village, Koh Samui


Beach and activities

A beach strip at Fisherman's

A beach strip at Fisherman’s


If you get tired of shopping you can have a chillaxing time at the beach.  There are different water sports activities available also but I wouldn’t rush into hiring a jetski straight away. In Pattaya, they had big problems with jetskis as a scam was going around blaming tourists for scratches that weren’t their fault in the first place. Perhaps this hasn’t happened on Koh Samui. Nevertheless, I would still be wary when it comes to hiring expensive vehicles and the likes here.


A light green cocktail with sea in the beackground

Cocktail o’clock!


Before the sunset, the beach area near Coco Tam’s changes into a cool and romantic spot where you can watch the sunset while listening to summery house and lounge music. With a mojito or a Mai Tai in hand. Obviously.

Most people come here later at night when it’s cooler. During the day it feels too hot when you can almost feel the Sun burning your skin, especially during the hot season (around March-May). So remember to apply some sunblock and hydrate yourself.


The colourful and Oriental inspired Yogarden restaurant

The colourful and Oriental inspired Yogarden restaurant

Nearby you can also find the Yogarden. I still haven’t made it to their yoga classes but I did visit the restaurant and it’s beautiful! Food was healthy, nutritious and filling.  You can check out their web page here.


Seaview at a seaside restaurant with a drink in the front

Love the old derelict dock


Ok, by now you probably have a good idea of what you can do in Fisherman’s Village, Koh Samui. It really is a lovely spot, though, you cannot find much authentic Thailand in there. So let’s just take it as it is: a bit touristy, full of cool & hip restaurants and bars, in addition to good shopping! If you have been there already, which was your favourite place to grab a bite or sip that cooling cocktail?

If you are looking for a place to stay on Koh Samui, may I recommend The Kala Samui. A beautiful and serene place! I loved it there.


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