Koh Phangan sunset with a boat

All the yogis know that the practice is best done in the morning so you won’t end up skipping it. And you feel great for the rest of the day. I am nocturnal but this exactly what I’ve had to get used to during this yoga teacher training in Thailand, at Orion. Didn’t really have a good sleep nor did I sleep much more than maybe 5,5 hours. Yet it was easy to get up 5.50am. I even put on Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime and was jamming with the dogs while drinking my morning coffee. By the way, the bloody Russian musician neighbor did it again. She was playing keyboards around midnight. Think I need to remind her again if this continues.

Where does this feel-good feeling come from, though?! Because it’s Friday, hehe… Anyway, I was happy that it was painless to get up even though I hadn’t slept much. Too much caffeine last night because I needed to study for Hindu philosophy exam.


Yoga philosophy test and Bhagavad Gita

We had a led class because it is Friday and I was so happy with my practice. Everything seemed to flow easily and I was able to go through the whole sequence effortlessly. I thought I would be tired but wasn’t after all. A big change compared to this practice we had just a while ago. In the afternoon we had the philosophy test which I was a bit nervous about. We needed to make a 10-minute-talk either on Bhagavad Gita which is a Hindu classic or Patanjali’s 8 limbs, which explains the philosophy behind Ashtanga yoga. We could integrate this into our own experiences so it didn’t need to be too theoretical. In the end, 4 out of 5 in my group made the talk quite personal and a few tears were inevitable.


When the test finished and yoginis’ weekend is about to start, guess what they do?! Well, of course, they want to have a few glasses of wine! We had agreed to have an informal get together on the same night, our teachers included, so the direction was clear. Me, Maria and Mae headed to Romanzo Tropicale a bit early to relax after the much-feared philosophy oral presentation. The rest of the group followed a bit later and it was really nice seeing everyone relaxed and having a good time this evening.



Such a hard life, Chase!


Quality time with my dog at Chaloklum

On Saturday I decided to spend some quality time with Chase so drove us to my favorite beach in Chaloklum. I haven’t taken him to the beach too many times but this time he was clearly enjoying it. Other people were also smiling at him when he was running around and rolling in the sand. Nobody was complaining that there is a dog at the beach. Well, since we are in Thailand you would be out of luck if it didn’t suit you. The dogs are everywhere.


Subtle changes

After I took Chase home I went to a close-by beach to study and watch the sunset. I have noticed some changes in myself since the yoga teacher training course started: I am able to live in the moment more than before, for example. Furthermore, I am grateful for being able to live on Koh Phangan, and actually, pretty much everything in my life for the time being. I was just watching the sunset without fiddling my phone, texting to someone or thinking too much. I just felt happy, serene and content.

I am quite sure that yoga, breathing exercises etc. have brought up these positive changes. I have become convinced that I want to continue my practice, breathing exercises and meditation after this course finishes. Well, not sure if it will be 6 days a week straight away but I think I need to adjust my current patterns and lifestyle so that I am able to hop on the mat on most mornings. Even if it means getting up early.


Koh Phangan sunset with a boat

Koh Phangan sunset with a boat

Yin yoga and yoga nidra

On Sunday we had a restorative Yin yoga practice and Yoga nidra, ie. sleepy yoga practice because it is a moon day. I really like Yin yoga because afterwards it makes you feel like you would be walking on air. It really opens up hips and your lower body feels nice and relaxed. Since it is a full moon and we are on Koh Phangan, the infamous Full Moon Party is on tonight as well. Some of the girls were planning on going. Wonder how their practice will be tomorrow, hehe.

I went to a day party myself as well after I had studied. Danced pretty much non-stop 1,5-2 hours, had one soda water and came home. After all, the alarm goes off 5.45am in the morning. Only 3 more days left. The time has gone fast. Soon it will be time to relax a bit and contemplate on everything that I have learned. And obviously, have a party or 2, drink a glass of white wine whenever I wish and finally get some ice cream, yey!



Orion goose



Some funny geezers around Orion